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Microsoft Releases Fix For AMD CPU Windows 11 Performance Issues

Microsoft is releasing a fix for AMD CPU performance issues on Windows 11. The affected computers have Ryzen processors, after AMD reported Windows 11 was causing a L3 cache latency to triple. The lag also reduced performance in certain games by 15%.

Microsoft Releases Fix For AMD CPU Windows 11 Performance Issues
Windows 11

The released fix is available in a Windows 11 Build 22000.282 update now available to all Windows 11 users. AMD has also released its own update for its Ryzen processors running Windows 11 know as version

AMD earlier said Microsoft’s Windows 11 slows down games by up to 15%. The new operating system is currently on thousands of new and existing Personal Computers. There are still some bugs that need to be ironed out, it seems and AMD knows about this.

Windows 11 and AMD
Windows 11 and AMD

The company says it will be releasing an update to fix the lag this month, as it finalises testing. Performance on different games are affected, AMD says. Some games show a mild 5% performance drop. While  “games commonly used for esports” can show as much as a 15% drop in performance also.

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So what’s causing this lag in performance? The company says Windows 11 increases PC’s cache latency. This has increased to Level 3 with the new operating system, which affects the entire chipset.

AMD Alerts Gamers That Microsoft's Windows 11 Slow Games Up To 15%
AMD Alerts Gamers That Microsoft’s Windows 11 Slow Games Up To 15%

This lag doesn’t affect all processors though, AMD says only processors with less than eight cores with 65 watts higher TDP. Recently, AMD released an update to all its chip processor powered laptops and computers.

This update was intended for its Ryzen processors. Cybersecurity researchers found a vulnerability that allowed hackers to leak sensitive information like passwords from the drivers.

Microsoft Releases Fix For AMD CPU Windows 11 Performance Issues
AMD Chip

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For Desktop gamers, the affected processors are Ryzen 2000, Ryzen 3000, Ryzen 5000, Threadripper 2000, and Threadripper 3000. You can get the list of all the fixes Microsoft new update has on its website.



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