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Good Or Bad Idea? These Factors Could Lead To Office Romance

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Office romance is the involvement of two members of the same company, with a similar or different designation, in a romantic relationship. It can be said to be a relationship where the parties involved have mutual desire and longing for each other.


Regular working people spend more than seven hours a day in the office or wherever they work. This is definitely one of the factors that lead to office affairs.


Factors That Leads To Office Romance- Is It A Good Or Bad Idea?


Take a look at some of the factors that lead to office romance.


1. Long working hours

Long working hours can definitely knit bonds with colleagues. A few lunches together can accelerate a friendly relationship into a romantic affair. After all, each and every working person has similar career goals, lots of common interest and plans. The similar interest makes it easier to understand each other, thus making a romantic affair very likely.


2. Partners of the same projects

There are different types of projects and targets given to employees. Two people of similar interest working on the same topic may become great friends with one another. If two people associate in the same project for a long time period, they might develop romantic feelings for each other.


3. Confessions and communications

Some companies declare a “workplace romance policy” in which it is mandatory for the employees to confess about any blooming romance taking place within the company. This certain policy will help the company to resolve or handle any problems that might arise due to the relationship.


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Factors That Leads To Office Romance- Is It A Good Or Bad Idea?


Romantic relationships have a great impact on the workplace as well as the employees who are involved. Further, the work environment also benefits from a great deal of productivity due to this. Some researches prove that people associated in love affairs perform better than they did before the affair.


There is a positive vibe all around the place, and positive attitude heightens the productivity margin of the company. This results in relatively better communication, less stress and more creativity. Thus, the relationship between the two will be a boost factor for morale.


A breakup, on the other hand, is one of the biggest fears for employers engaging in-office romance. It can create a direct obstacle in the way of the company’s productivity on a whole.


When a couple goes through the breakup phase, they have comparatively more negative feelings for each other and their separation also possibly affects the friendly relation within and between their respective departments or teams. If not, the members could face a situation where they might have to choose sides.


Office romance is for serious minded adults. As such, employees interested in tolling that path must be matured and be ready to face the consequences if things go bad.


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