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Five Categories Of People You Meet In The Workplace

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The workplace is a mix of different type of people. While some are busy getting the work done, others are often found socialising. For others still, they only care about the payday; these ones a usually these are the ones with the laissez-faire attitude.


Below are the different categories of people you meet in the workplace.


1. The hard worker

The hard worker faces his or her job squarely. This hard worker strives to ensure that they meet their job description. They stay away from distraction and ensures they are productive. Usually, this person wins the “Worker of the Month” award. Sadly, they are often the topic of gossip among the less hardworking staff who feels all they do is “Eye Service”.


2. The socialiser


This person came to work to make friends and meet people. It’s a good thing to be hospitable, but when it begins to distract you and affect your job, then it is a problem. The socialiser is likely to trade gossip among staffs because he is friends with everybody. It’s advisable that you keep your friendship professional in the workplace, and desist from conversations that can put you in trouble.


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3. The go-to guy


This person is who you run to when you are in need of assistance while at work. It may be to help fix your computer, chip in advice, share an idea or help with an errand. The go-to guy is very helpful and a good teammate. However they must draw a balance; that way, they don’t go about helping others while your job suffers.


4. Mr and Mrs Laissez-faire


Laissez-faire is a French term meaning “to let people do as they please”. A staff with a laissez-faire attitude would resume at work when they please. They will break all the laid down rules and regulations except the HR (Human Resource) unit intervenes. Workers in the public sector are usually said to have this type of attitude since the government does not have regular checks on them.


5. The potpourri


As the name suggests the “potpourri” is a mix of traits of the other categories mentioned above. They can be a hard worker today and a socialiser the next day. Their mood affects their job, and they are simply unpredictable. You have to take them as they come.


Now that you know the different categories of people in the workplace. What category do you fall into?


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