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Five Useful Windows 10 Productivity Tips For Writers

If you feel you can put in more as a writer, these five productivity tips on Windows 10 may be all that you need for maximum output. Each of the tips below are tailored to meet the needs of everyday writers.


1. In the event of needing to delete some words, use either Ctrl + Delete or Ctrl + Backspace. These commands delete words (forward or backwards) instead of just characters. It will surely save you a lot of time to remove words instead of removing characters. It also affords you the opportunity to see how your work looks without some words.


2. While working on an article, notification pop ups can be annoying. Whether it is important or not, many do not like interruptions as it disrupts inspiration flow and dampens productivity.


Using Windows 10, you can reply a notification directly without having to leave the page you are working on. Just type directly on the notification reply space and use Ctrl + Enter to send it.

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3. If you are typing on Microsoft Word, use Shift + F3 to change the case of highlighted word or group of words. When done, it starts by capitalizing each word in sentence case then puts the whole highlighted words in uppercase.


4. To quickly change the position of an item in a list, you can copy the item on the list you want. Then, use Shift + Alt + up or down to either move it up or down. This saves the time of having to delete and re-type. Thus, giving enough free time for you to be more productive.


5. When you have to use several words repeatedly, you can use the Windows Key + V. This provides access to the clipboard panel where you can see a list of words that you have copied.


These shortcut keys will surely prove useful if you have a writer that has to deliver lots of articles regularly.


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