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Productivity App Of The Week: Microsoft Improving Cortana Features

In its coming updates, Cortana will be getting improved productivity features to assist users at the expense of some consumer-focused functions.


Before now, Cortana had been acting as a personal assistant. Microsoft designed it to improve users’ productivity with less effort. However, it seemed more focused on other functions.


For example, many users used their Cortana software for such activities as; controlling music, managing smart home functions, supporting third-party apps and so on. However, as The Verge reports, the coming update will see Cortana feature functions that work better with other Microsoft suite apps.


If you have been looking forward to a more productive software assistant, the Cortana that Microsoft will roll out is for you. Using it, you can easily do such thing as; manage your schedule, adding to-do items, or sending emails.

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While there will be major changes, Microsoft’s assistant will still be able to carry out some former duties. Thus, it will still support text and voice commands. Also, basic smart assistant functions like alarms and timers, settings and conversational answers will remain.


Yet, Microsoft will remove Cortana from Microsoft Launcher on Android at the end of April 2020. The updated features will be released during a period of four months — between 20th March to 20th June.


Only Cortana users in the United States will first be able to access the new features. However, other users will get it sometime later. Also, before global release, users can search on Bing and also hold conversations with the software over the internet.


The Microsoft Corporation released the Cortana software in April 2014. It is currently available in English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese language editions. This depends on the software platform and region that users are using.


The new update will likely help you become more effective in dispatching your duties. To know how to use Cortana, see this article on Windows Central.


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