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Finally, Xbox Series S ‘Lockhart’ Price And Image Leaks Online

Late on Monday 7th September 2020, gaming enthusiasts got their first look at what the coming Xbox Series S will look like as well as what the price should be.


In a blog post, Thurrott, revealed the first peek at the Xbox Series S gaming console. It confirmed that the gadget would be announced ‘soon’ as well.  In addition to its look, the blog also says that Xbox Series S, codenamed ‘Lockhart’, will cost $299.


This is a big reveal and while Microsoft and Xbox have said nothing about the leak, it may be as close to the truth as we can get before an official announcement.


Two other gaming experts, YouTuber Brad Sams and Analyst Daniel Ahmad also confirmed the leaked image as being that of the Xbox Series S.

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From the leaked image, the Xbox Series S still takes the rectangular box shape that had made fans troll the Xbox Series X, calling it a ‘refrigerator’ among other things.


Finally, Xbox Series S ‘Lockhart’ Price And Image Leaks Online
Photo: Twitter/@bdsams


It also seems to spot a large speaker when placed upright. Gaming enthusiasts immediately recognise that the revealed console looks like the Xbox One S. Also, while it will be slimmer than the already revealed Xbox Series X; there is a general consensus that it will not come with a disc drive.


The Xbox Series S $299 price is also quite an audacious move if it turns out to be true. Microsoft would be taking on Sony with an affordable console option. This is important because many people already agree that Series X would cost $499, almost the same pricing range as PlayStation 5.


There are also rumours that Microsoft will announce the Xbox Series X and Series S on 10th November 2020. The two consoles will differ in many ways. For example, Series X will have a GPU performance of 12 teraflops while Series S will manage around 4 teraflops.


By launching multiple gaming consoles with clear differing prices, Microsoft is openly offering people the choice to pick between affordability and higher specs.


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