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Facebook Removes The ‘Like’ Button For Pages Along With Other Changes

Facebook today announced a major redesign for Pages that introduces a new experience for creators and public figures. One of the notable changes is the removal of the “Like” button.


The social media giant says the new Pages design will focus on Followers instead of Likes to give creators a more direct measurement of their fan base. That’s because followers of a Page indicate how many people are receiving updates from it.


Another change is the addition of a dedicated News Feed to let Page owners or admins join conversations as the public figure and engage with their fans. Pages will also see suggestions for other Pages, public figures, Groups and trending topics. People will also see comments made by the Pages they follow appear at the top of the comments section on other posts. People can also follow Pages directly from the comments and recommendations posts.

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Facebook is also adding a new Q&A format to let Pages engage with fans. The new format allows followers to ask questions about certain topics that Page owners know about.


In addition, admins will be able to switch between their personal profiles and Pages they manage. Important details such as bios and posts will also be more visible to people.


Page management tools have received improvements as well. Admins will be able to manage access permissions on a granular level depending on the kind of task for certain people. Facebook says it has also bolstered the safety and integrity features for Pages to clamp down on hate speech, violence, s****l or spammy content, and impersonation. The service is also making the verified badge more visible across posts and comments. For example, comments from a verified Page on others’ posts will be bumped to the top of the comments section. The new changes are set to roll out to all Pages over the next few months.



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