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Eight Tips To Prevent Razor Burns While Shaving

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Shaving with razor seems to be the easiest and cheapest method to shave for men. Men can shave before getting into the shower with their shaving sticks without any hassle. However, shaving the wrong way can lead to razor burns.


Razor burns are those burning sensations that may or may not itch and makes you feel uncomfortable. They make the shaved area look very untidy and unpleasant to the eyes. I’m sure you don’t like the sound of that.


Here are some tips to help you avoid razor burns.


1. Shave after showering when hair is softest


When you want to shave, shower first or at least wet the area you want to shave before you start shaving. It helps you shave without stress when the hair is in its softest.


2. Use a lubricant


When shaving, use either gel, cream or even foam. This will provide a protective layer and improves razor glide for a smoother, more comfortable shave.


3. Use a quality shaving stick or razor


Choose a high-quality, sharp razor blade that is clean and free from debris such as a buildup of soap or hair. Using an old razor or rusted razor will most likely cause razor burns.


4. Do not press down the blade too hard


Do not press down too hard on the blade, instead use light, short strokes, as well as only as many strokes as necessary. Over-shaving an area is a significant cause of razor burn.


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5. Rinse freshly shaven skin


Make sure to rinse freshly shaven skin with cold water and apply a gentle lotion, gel, or moisturizer. Make sure to avoid products containing colours, fragrances, alcohol, or other skin irritants.


6. Avoiding wearing tight clothing


After shaving avoid tight-fitting clothes and underwear as this can irritate newly shaved skin.


7. Never tap your blade on the sink, or wipe it on a towel


It is very common for guys to tap their razors on the sink or wipe with a towel to get rid of loose hair. Try using water to rinse off the hair instead as tapping on the sink or using towels can damage the precisely engineered razor parts and blunt the ultra-fine blades


8. Replace your blades often

If you don’t replace your blades often enough, this will lead to an increased risk of getting nicks and irritation increases. Do not use a shaving stick more than 2 or 3 times.


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