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Tips For Better Hygiene All Men Need For Their Private Parts

Men tend to focus more on the exterior outlook while ignoring their most private parts. They, however, care a lot about this body part the most, the p*nis! In actuality, the smell of dirty p*nis can be quite off-putting. Men scream hell over how some women’s private part smells like fish, sewage, and anything horrid. That’s nasty but given this, women have gone all out to ensure they keep good hygiene down there. Take that, men!


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However, men haven’t been under the microscopic glass as much as they should. They could groom everything else but down there. Fact is, many men suffer from “smelly ball syndrome”. They can get away with it but when intimacy and s*x come to play, no woman wants to pass out from a stench or catch an infection.


Why men have smelly balls


Men with foreskin tend to have more smelly ball syndrome. This is caused when you miss cleaning the foreskin properly. There’s a cheesy-like substance known as smegma that builds up. Smegma is a natural lubricant that is used to keep the p*nis moist. It is found around the head of the p*nis or under the foreskin. Therefore, when it builds up around the foreskin, it can create a breed of bacteria which would emit a foul smell. It can be quite uncomfortable and lead to swelling and redness as well.


Patrick French, a consultant physician in s****l health, says: “It’s really surprising how many men don’t clean underneath their foreskin. Not only do they regularly develop complications from poor hygiene, but it’s also very off-putting for a s*xual partner.”


Growing up without good hygiene can make it quite difficult to make the switch from bad to good — but it’s not impossible. Having a smelly private part can be very embarrassing. As long as you take notes of the ways to clean properly, embarrassment would have no part to play in your life. Therefore, you should follow these ways of cleaning your private part to keep them in good hygienic condition.


Why you should clean your private part

  • It says a lot about your personal hygiene.
  • Good hygiene down there would turn on your partner.
  • It keeps you in good overall health and less prone to infections.
  • When groomed, it gives you a bigger erection.
  • Cleaning it makes your private part simply squeaky clean.
  • It increases s*xual pleasure for both you and your partner.


Best ways men can keep their private part clean


Photo: Unsplash


1. Get groomed

Before you start anything, you need to ensure you are well-groomed down there. Begin by trimming your pubic hair before you have your bath. Use small scissors to do this, after which you can shave off the remaining hair. You can soak up in a bathtub to soften the hair before you begin. However, you don’t have to shave completely or wax, but you should endeavour to trim. It can be itchy during the first day after shaving.


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2. Clean up

The whole idea of personal hygiene is to keep clean. When cleaning, ensure you use a mild soap and warm water. You can also use a washcloth dampened with warm soapy water to wash off thoroughly. Wash every part by lifting the shaft and pulling back the foreskin. Also, clean the base of the p*nis and the testicles, where sweat and hair combine. While washing, clean the area between the base of the testicles and the anus as well.


However, ensure you do so once a day to avoid irritation and redness. Don’t use harsh perfumed soaps, neither should you overdo it. Wash with care.


3. Dry up thoroughly

After washing, you should ensure you dry up properly with a dry cloth. Pat dry as a moist surface attracts bacteria which could cause a foul smell.



David Beckham


4. Wear clean underwear

It’s pointless trying to be clean when you put on used underwear. Ensure you wash your underwear regularly with mild detergent. Wearing dirty underwear just attracts foul smell which will build up bacteria around your crotch. You should change your underwear at least twice a day.


5. Always clean up after s*x

When you have intercourse with your partner, you may get tempted to just wipe with a tissue. However, you should ensure to clean up in a similar manner as mentioned above.


For keeps!

Men tend to sweat a lot so, to keep clean, always have a baby wipe around. Yes! They are for your balls.


If you are not married, abstinence is key, and if you are, you should stay clean for your partner. Or simply just use some protection if you must do the deed – you know what we mean.

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