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The Best Skin Care Routine For Men

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Everyone keeps talking and writing about how to care for the skin, but most skin care tips are women-focused. In truth, men also need to give their skin some pampering. It’s common knowledge that the skin is the largest organ in the body, and both men and women have it.


So, what’s the difference? Women often get themselves dolled up with makeup to enhance their beauty, and this contributes to clogged pores. However, the lack of makeup doesn’t mean the lack of clogged pores. This is because the n***d skin can get exposed to dirt from the environment.


Even if you hide under a rock or in a plastic bag, the skin can attract dirt. The particles that move around the environment have a way of habituating on your body’s surface. This is why you need to keep it clean, and healthy.


The skin has no gender bias, so men need to get on this skincare routine train. Adopting these routines would ensure you get yourself a healthier and glowing skin. You’ll have fewer breakouts, smoother skin, no irritation and more ladies turning their heads your way.


Where do you start? Follow the steps and find out.


Men skin care routine

1. Cleanse your face

Just picking up a bar of soap to wash your face with is a no-no. The face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It is more exposed and can get easily irritated and react to some products. Make sure you’re using the right soap. Also, get yourself a recommended cleanser that’s not too harsh. A harsh cleanser might irritate your skin and make it too dry. Also, avoid hot water to keep your skin wrinkle-free and young-looking.



2. Wet your skin before shaving

There’s no need to wash your face before shaving because your skin needs the oil. Simply wet your face to soothe it and prepare it for shaving.


3. Use a good razor

There’s nothing more annoying than a blunt razor that leaves behind bumps and burns. The scars it leaves behind can make you look older than you are and unkempt. Always use a sharp blade to shave after or during your shower.


4. Get the right aftershave

An aftershave soothes your skin after shaving. This is a very important part of the shaving process as it soothes and moisturises your skin and helps it keep infections away.


5. Apply sunscreen

As long as you’re stepping out of the house, you need to put on sunscreen. Sunscreen protects your skin from the effects of the sun’s rays, irritation and redness. You can mix one with your moisturiser; it should have at least 30 SPF.


wash face men's skin care routine

6. Don’t wash your face too much

While we advise you to wash your face, don’t do it excessively. It can s***p your skin of essential oils and lead it to skin irritation. You only need to wash twice daily.


7. Hydrate often

Remember to take the required dose of water. This is necessary because water has many health benefits that include the health of your skin.

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