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Deathloop gets new updates and gaming improvements

Deathloop developers have fixed almost all the issues that gamers criticised after its September 2021 launch, including improved accessibility settings.

Arkane Studio, also makers of the popular Dishonored franchise, went all out in this recent game update. According to the PlayStation Blog, the game’s lead UI/UX designer Yoann Bazoge had said:

“We are truly grateful to the players and the ally community who gave us so much feedback when Deathloop was released. We took the time to read all of the accessibility reviews and watch the videos of players explaining why they couldn’t play Deathloop. We then worked on a document listing all of the feedback and drew up a roadmap of what the additions would be for Game Update 3.”

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Some of the noticeable changes include an accessibility category in the options menu containing upgraded settings that allow players to adjust various gameplay elements.

However, some of the new settings are only available in the single-player mode, which is quite understandable and not unusual. These include things like slowing down the game speed, adjusting the number of lives you have, and setting the combat difficulty level. Also, players can now change the colour, size, and opacity of some text and elements.

Another noticeable upgrade is that players can navigate menus using the directional buttons instead of being forced to use a cursor. And for those that prefer to use a cursor, they can adjust its movement speed in the new Deathloop update.

These improvements likely address the issues that accessibility enthusiasts raised regarding how the game sidelined disabled players.

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