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Coming GTA 6 to bring crypto exchange and rewards

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is rumoured to be bringing crypto exchange features and reward programs; here is what we know so far.

According to CloutNews, the game makers want to enable players to exchange cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, in-game. This will be a great improvement on the Liberty City Stock Exchange feature, which allows players (from GTA 5) to access the virtual stock market and engage in buying and selling stocks.

For now, not much is available about how cryptos will factor in the game. However, some aspects of the gameplay (and even missions) may likely involve crypto.

Recall that Lester had Stock Market Assassination Missions, which had players manipulate the stock market and make money. The crypto inclusion could also go this way with Bitcoin billionaires sending players on missions.

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So far, the other details we have heard about the upcoming game’s release is that GTA 6 will likely be based in Cuba, Colombia, and Miami. This news came via an alleged insider who is working on the game’s development.

Additionally, some sources claim that the game will be ready in 2023, but GiveMeSport writer Simon Hedges believes that this date is ‘too ambitious.’ For Hedges, a 2024 release date is more realistic.

Before then, players will continue to enjoy the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, released in November 2021. With a total sale of 235 million units, GTA dominance is not in doubt, and its official sixth installment will likely continue its futuristic theme and bring cutting-edge tech thanks to Rockstar.

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