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Google Translate adds 24 new languages to include millions of people

As part of the announcements that Google made at its I/O 2022 event, the search giants added 24 new languages to its Translation tool.

While Google Translate is adding somewhat obscure 24 new languages, its goal is to bring more people into the fold. In terms of range, the tool added Bhojpuri – spoken by over 51 million people – and Sanskrit – which only 20,000 people speak.

The recent additions are courtesy of the Zero-Shot Machine Translation technology; a tool that can translate between arbitrary languages, including language pairs for which it has not been trained.

The AI tool has the ability to translate words into languages without seeing any examples. And, it is not a new resource as the company has been using it since 2016.

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Google called on native speakers and expert linguists to make the translation more natural. As it explains, the translate tool is not perfect, despite its impressive ability.

Indigenous languages covered in the update includes areas like Northeast India, Bolivia, Chile, Mali, Maldives, Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Uganda, Rwanda, Angola, Sudan, Peru, and more.

Besides the Google Translate update, the company also announced/teased several physical products such as AR glasses, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel Buds Prom, and a Tensor-powered tablet. It updated the Google Pay software to Google Wallet, launched Android 13 Beta 2, and some more.

You can start using the latest version of the Google Translate tool by clicking this link.

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