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See 5 tech-related activities to avoid doing in public

See 5 tech-related activities to avoid doing in public

Tech has really moved the world forward, and as a result, you are now more dependent on gadgets than ever before. From needing alarms to wake up to electric toothbrushes, a to-do list for the day, and soothing music to get the day started, it is now like your entire life is tech-related.

While these in themselves are not wrong, there are some ways that you could still misuse technology. Here, see five tech-related activities you should not do publicly for your safety, privacy, and that of others.

1. AirPods while physically meeting others:

With comfortable AirPods (or other audio listening gadgets), you could forget that you are wearing one when meeting with others. And, unknowingly, you may cause an unpleasant experience for them. For example, they may be forced to speak more loudly than they used to because they subconsciously believe that you won’t hear them. Also, you could be making the wrong impression that you have something better to listen to than their boring talk. Remember to take off your AirPods when meeting people physically.

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2. Noise cancellation headphones in busy places:

If you are going for a run or a walk, using noise-cancellation headphones may be a bad idea. You may not hear warning car honks or other approaching danger. Even in places with foot traffic, you could run into others because you can’t hear them coming.

3. Texting while crossing roads:

No one likes to be left on read, we know. But risking your life to reply to a text when you can do so in the next five seconds makes no sense. Texting while crossing the road is becoming a leading cause of pedestrian accidents, and authorities have raised concern in many countries. See what the government is doing about this in Hong Kong.

4. Playing media out loud:

Be it music or a TikTok video, and not everyone is interested in hearing what you are doing on your smartphone. It is rude to subject others to your own entertainment, especially in confined public spaces like a bus or even in a queue. You can briefly use your AirPods, headphones or wait for when you can do so in private. Remember, without context, some people may find the media offensive for many reasons.

5. Taking photos or recordings of people:

Even celebrities hate it when paparazzi point the camera at them when they are out in public. Now, imagine what private individuals feel when you take their photos or record them without their permission. Of course, you may be looking for ‘content’ to share, but you are violating someone else’s privacy in the process.

There are several other tech-related activities you should avoid in public, you can share some that you know in the comment section.

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