You are currently viewing Netflix ad-supported plan shows that cheaper isn’t better

Netflix ad-supported plan shows that cheaper isn’t better

Netflix ad-supported plan is an upcoming subscription tier that will be cheaper than the regular plans. However, before you start jubilating, some of the leaked details about this subscription plan may discourage you.

Here are some of the details we have found about Netflix ad-supported subscription plan:

1. You won’t be able to skip ads: Netflix was not joking when they said that this was ad-supported as you will be forced to allow the ads play completely before you can continue watching your movie or show.

2. No downloads: Another important details is that the plan does not allow users to download content for offline viewing.

3. You will have to give the platform permission to collect your data as it has a message that read, “Now, let’s set up your ad experience. We just need a few details to make sure you get the most relevant ads on Netflix. It’ll be really quick, we promise!”

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For now, these details were scooped via leaks, (except the last one). Netflix is still likely fine-tuning just how much different the new subscription tier will be from the premium versions.

The differences so far are glaring of the platform’s intention, which is to get users hooked via the cheaper plans and then upsell the premium plans. If that fails, it is certain to makeup the balance via the ads.

Already, Netflix said that it is partnering with Microsoft to serve the ads. And, given its disappointing earning results from the last two quarters, the company is desperate to add new subscribers or increase its revenue some other way.

So, we are not surprised that it is going down the ads lane. In addition to this, Netflix is also trying to discourage password-sharing by increasing pricing for multiple device usage.

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