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Chrome OS Gets Its Own Dark Mode Theme, How You Can Get It

Chrome OS could be getting its own dark mode theme, finally. Android Central reports seeing the mode in its experimental Canary channel.


Canary is a Google Chrome OS path which receives daily updates of features before they are widely tested. You can only access Canary via Chromebooks switched into a special developer mode. This is however different from the Chrome OS Developer channel. According to Google, Canary can be ‘unstable,’ so I wouldn’t advice you to go tinkering just yet.


But for now, you need to install the Canary channel to activate dark mode on your Chromebook. After this, you can just open Chrome and type in chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and chrome://flags/#enable-webui-dark-mode into the URL bar, according to Android Central, and get the mode working.

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According to Android Central, the dark mode has some bugs, and this is expected. It, however, notes that the bugs seem to apply across the UI, and not just as darker backgrounds.


Chrome OS Dark Mode
A picture of the experimental Chrome OS dark mode. Photo: Android Central


In recent months, Google has rolled out dark mode versions for its other apps. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Fit, and its mobile app have all gotten the mode recently. iOS and Android also began supporting dark mode at the system level in 2019.


Dark mode has received popular acceptance in any OS because it reduces eye strain and improves readability. It is also believed that it helps to save battery life and it has a lot of fans for it aesthetic characteristics.


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