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Latest Intel 11th Gen ‘Tiger Lake’ Processors Are Coming To Chromebooks

In a recent announcement, Intel says that Google Chromebooks will be introducing its 11th Gen ‘Tiger Lake’ processors to the market. Lenovo has also said that its Yoga 9i PCs will be coming with these processors as well.


Tiger Lake processors, the nickname for Intel 11th Gen processors are the hottest PC chipsets in the market. The company had just announced the processors at the beginning of September 2020.


During the announcement, Intel boasted that they will bring improved and enhanced performances to laptops. For one, they will be coming with Iris Xe graphics which will make rendering faster and give the laptops better graphics.


Also, Tiger Lake processors are not bulky making them suitable for thin and light laptops. Intel had mentioned that overall, the new components will have 20% faster productivity. It will be a gamer’s delight as well because it can process game streaming at two times the speed of its predecessors.

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On 21st September 2020, Marcus Yam, a technology evangelist at Intel wrote; “Today, I have exciting new information on the outstanding performance and experiences the world’s best processor for thin-and-light laptops brings to Chrome OS.”


Yam further wrote in the blog post that when compared to 10th Gen Intel processors, the 11th Gen ones will load web pages 28% faster. Additionally, users will be able to Import, batch edit and export photos up to 23% faster in Adobe Lightroom. As for videos, it will reduce production time with up to 54% faster importing and exporting videos in Kinemaster.


“Intel’s deep partnership with Google on Chromebooks goes back to the very beginning, and we have continued to drive innovations in leading Chrome OS devices throughout the decade since,” Marcus Yam wrote.


But the Tiger Lake processors will come to other of Intel’s 2020 partners which include; Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. All of these partners have also launched their respective Chromebooks as well.


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