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Chrome 87 Launches With Great Performance Improvements

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Google has unveiled Chrome version 87 with a host of super improvements to performance; tab management features; as well as the inclusion of cards to the homepage. Google likewise noted that this will be the last Chrome release for this year, 2020.


First up are improvements to performance. The firm is boasting of ‘the largest gain in Chrome performance in years’ due to a host of under-the-hood improvements such as throttling inactive and background tabs, back/forward cache, and more. These improvements have led to Chrome starting 25% faster, loading pages seven per cent quicker, and up to 5X reduction in CPU usage leading to up to 1.25 hours of additional battery life. The RAM consumption has also been optimised. The performance on Android has also been significantly improved, the company adds.


Following that are improvements to tab management. Version Chrome 87 now comes with a new tab search feature that enables users search through a list of open tabs. This is so even for tabs on separate windows; making it easy to search for the desired tab from any window. The firm, however, notes that the feature will be making it to Chromebooks and that the desktop clients will receive it later.

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Another inclusion to the browser is Chrome Actions. This attribute lets users perform functions such as deleting history or cookies right from the Omnibox/address bar of the browser. By typing a command such as ‘delete history’ serves a button for that action within the results, making it an easy and quick way to perform these tasks. The feature is being released gradually to desktop users first; so it could be sometime before all users begin seeing the feature.


Lastly, the company is including cards to the new tab page; something that began showing up in the Canary builds last month. Google says that these cards enable users continue where they left off; either for recently visited webpages, product listings, or more. Furthermore, these cards also show ‘related’ content based on users’ browsing and, at the moment, include cooking and shopping links. Entertainment-related cards will be added next year.


The update to version 87 should be installed automatically in the background. But users can likewise head into Setting > About Chrome to check for updates and initiate the download.


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