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Update: Burna Boy And Stefflon Don Are Actually Engaged!

African giant Burna Boy and his British rapper girlfriend, Stefflon Don, are officially engaged! Stefflon Don took to her Insta stories to show off a ring and a cute finger-locking session with bae.


Check out the screenshots below:
burna boy stefflon don engaged
Photo: Instagram


Last month, Burna Boy spoke during an interview on a radio show, Beats1, on Hot 97 FM in the United States of America. He expressed his feelings for the British rapper and singer. And after a couple of months dating, Burna Boy and Stefflon Don are engaged.


Burna Boy also stressed that their relationship isn’t a publicity stunt and it means so much to both of them. Further, he revealed how he hopes to raise the kid(s) they will have together.


burna boy stefflon don engaged


He said:

“It’s not the business part of us, it’s our life. I’m trying to make it right because I don’t want to bring any kid into this life and everyone is disturbing the kid and looking or wondering what’s Stefflon Don and Burna Boy’s kid doing. I want to raise a kid the way I was raised.”


burna boy stefflon don engaged
Photo: Instagram


“It’s lovely (being with Stefflon Don). I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just that I try to now kind of like keep it between us. I don’t want to be putting our thing out there in front of everybody anymore. Like you’d be there and you can see it but I don’t want to put it out there for everyone.”


We’re glad that we finally get to say WE TOLD YOU SO!!!  Wherever Burna Boy and Stefflon Don’s relationship leads, you can be sure that we will be here with the full gist.


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