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Listen: Burna Boy Debuts New Single “Pull Up”

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The afro-fusion star, Burna Boy, is having a great year and, with the debut of his latest single, “Pull Up”, it’s getting even greater. By the end of the week, he will also drop his fourth album, “African Giant”. We hope you are ready for it.


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“Pull Up” is the fifth major single off his album. The single follows the release of “Anybody” which dropped last month. Meanwhile, other singles on “African Giant” include “On The Low,” “Gbona” and “Dangote”. “Dangote” received its own visuals back in March.


Burna Boy is a blossoming talent in Africa and beyond. He debuted “Pull Up” earlier on Beats1 radio, speaking with Beats1’s Julie Adenuga about the upcoming album.


Just last week, he reconnected with Dave for the music video of their collaborative single “Location”. He also made an imprint in the North American market and recently collaborated with Beyonce on the Lion King soundtrack.




Burna Boy “Pull Up”

Recently, the Afrobeats king had an interview with Billboard and spoke about the crossover appeal of his music. He explained that most Americans don’t even know what he’s saying. Music is universal anyway and, with such a great talent, it’s not surprising his music appeals to everyone.


Burna boy explained,

“Most Americans don’t even understand what I’m saying in my records, but they pick up on the vibe, the vibration. Everything started from Africa, and so music started from Africa. It’s all going to come back to its roots eventually. When you hear our music, it resonates in the soul.”


“Nigerians love me a lot more now because they can see that the whole world likes me, too. They think I’m something special, but I’m not. I’m just a human whose skill is making music. [The] way I see it, everyone plays their own role in the world, and no role is more important than the other.


Meanwhile, we anticipate the release of the full album on 26th July 2019.


Listen to “Pull Up” below.

Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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