You are currently viewing Watch Burna Boy’s New Video For “Gum Body”

Watch Burna Boy’s New Video For “Gum Body”

Stop the presses! Burna Boy just dropped the video of “Gum Body”! Alongside the sensual Jorja Smith, Burna Boy croons about the anxiety and longing that comes with being in love. This comes shortly after the African Giant featured on her late summer hit, “Be Honest”.


The setting of the “Gum Body” video is not that of your regular music video. Apparently, there is no display of wealth or bling. It’s just pure feels. Burna Boy and Jorja Smith hang around a seemingly abandoned house looking love-lorn.


The African Giant talks about how his love interest makes him feel, and Jorja follows up with sultry stripped-down vocals.


Of course, Burna Boy definitely has to be singing about his beautiful rapper girlfriend, Stefflon Don. However, it seems to be just a song to Jorja Smith, who is not hooked to anyone at the moment.


Honestly, it is nice to see Meji Alabi depart from his signature heavily-symbolic music videos and go for something more chill, moody and intimate.


Check out Burna Boy and Jorja Smith in the video of “Gum Body” below:


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