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BBNaija Update: Ike Gets Evicted, Leaves Mercy Devastated

After 91 days in the Big Brother Naija House, Ike gets evicted along with Elozonam. Steve Ikechukwu Onyema, fondly known as Ike, is the 20th housemate to be evicted from the fourth season of the BBNaija reality TV show.


Ike’s stay in the BBNaija house was marked by his relationship with Mercy. The couple had emotional highs and dramatic lows, but they always found a way to work through their issues. Fans enjoyed their relationship so much that they demanded more screen time for the couple.


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Ike and Mercy started going steady early in the reality TV show, and they said many times that they loved each other. The fact that they were from different backgrounds caused some friction, but it was nothing they couldn’t kiss and make up about.


On the stage at the Live Eviction Show, Ebuka asked Ike about his relationship with Mercy. Ike boldly stated that he loves her and wants to continue things once she wins the competition as he believes she will.


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Ike’s eviction from the BBNaija House undoubtedly left Mercy devastated and unable to celebrate her birthday. The other housemates tried and failed to cheer her up.


After his eviction, Ike remained positive, funny, and hopeful for what the future holds. He said to Ebuka that, although he didn’t get to win, he was glad he gave Mercy his coins. According to him, she deserved to buy immunity because she was worth it.


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