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BBNaija Fans Demand More Screen Time For Housemates Mercy and Ike

It’s been six weeks at the Big Brother Naija House, and the housemates have already secured thousands of fans on the outside. By far, however, the biggest fandom is that of Mercy and Ike, the longest-lasting and also the most adorable couple in the house.


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The couple has been on and off for weeks, grabbing the attention of fans all over Africa. Mercy entered the house promising to bring different species of pepper, but she ended up warming our hearts with her intense romance with Ike.


After many fights and issues of mistrust, Mercy and Ike are now stable. Eventually, the couple went on to win a ₦2 million cash prize on Saturday after emerging winners of the MunchIt challenge.


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Photo: BBNaija


BBNaija fans simply cannot get enough of Mercy and Ike’s spicy romance. Unfortunately, the only times the cameras are focused on the lovebirds are during the Saturday parties and the aftermath, because some sort of drama between the two usually ensues.


Nevertheless, now that their relationship is stable, they have garnered many more supporters. Fans seem to have fallen in love with their love, to some, however, it is the only reason why they watch BBNaija.


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Yesterday, agitated fans took to Twitter to complain about Mercy and Ike not getting enough screen time. Thousands have also tweeted using the hashtag #MoreScreenTimeForMercyAndIke. Check out the tweets below.


This fan that considers it therapy:


And also this fan who is not ashamed to beg:


Furthermore, this fan makes it clear which couple he stans:


Lastly, this fan doesn’t find the matter funny at all:


Do you feel this is actually an issue or do you think the fans are overreacting? Comment below or join the conversation with the hashtag #MoreScreenTimeForMercyAndIke.


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