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Amazon To Invest $1.4 Billion In New Office Spaces Ahead Of Resumption

Since the COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions, many Amazon employees have been working from home. We reported that the company plans to keep the remote employees away from the office until 2021.


However, the e-commerce mega-company has set plans rolling ahead of resumption from the work-from-home mandate. ZDNet reports that Amazon is on the verge of spending over $1.4 billion on new office spaces.


These coming Amazon office spaces would cover 905,000 square feet of US territory broken into six. They would be extensions of its tech hubs in Dallas, Detroit, Denver, New York, Phoenix and San Diego. Additionally, Amazon has announced in a press release that it is creating 3,500 new jobs in the US.

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Since these new jobs are tech and corporate jobs, they would likely fill these new offices. Beth Galetti, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Amazon says about the new jobs; “We look forward to helping these communities grow their emerging tech workforce.”


Additionally, Galetti praises the company’s wealth of human resources saying, “People from all walks of life come to Amazon to develop their career – from recent graduates looking for a place to turn their ideas into high-impact products, to veterans accessing new jobs in cloud computing thanks to our upskilling programs.”


Amazon To Invest $1.4 Billion In New Office Spaces Ahead Of Resumption
An Amazon worker in one of its warehouses. Photo: Sourcing Journal.


Amazon has been at the forefront of creating more jobs for people in the US. It claims to have created over 600,000 jobs in America alone. Coupled with its 876,000 employees worldwide, the company has been doing quite well.


However, it has not been totally spotless. Many of its factories have been plagued with dissatisfaction among workers and threats of strikes. Yet, Amazon claims that it offers highly competitive salaries and full benefits to employees. To apply for a job at Amazon, visit its job forum.


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