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Amazon Pledges One Million Jobs In India, Promises Businesses $1 Billion

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Amazon is rounding off a big week in India with a huge pledge to help create one million new jobs in the country.


The company has said that it expects to create jobs over the next five years with its ongoing investments in its operations on the ground.


It said that the openings will be “created both directly and indirectly … and are in addition to the 700,000 jobs Amazon’s investments have enabled over the last six years in India,” in a statement.


Amazon is investing in its technology and logistics networks as it also says the new positions will be in areas like IT, Cloud Computing, retail, and manufacturing.


CEO Jeff Bezos, who is visiting India, said that Amazon is allocating $1 billion to assist about 10 million small and medium-sized businesses in India online by 2025.


Amazon Pledges One Million Jobs In India, Promises Businesses $1 Billion
An Amazon fulfillment center on in Hyderabad, India.


“We’ve seen huge contributions from our employees [and] extraordinary creativity from the small businesses we’ve partnered with,” Bezos said in a statement,  “We’re excited about what lies ahead.”

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Amazon in 2019 inaugurated its new campus in Hyderabad, the company’s largest building with 15,000 employees. Amazon says it has increased its employee base more than four times in India since 2014.


An Amazon spokesperson refused to comment on the size of its workforce in India.

Amazon in battle with Flipkart to dominate India’s online retail market

Prior to this announcement, Amazon had disclosed plans to pour more than $5 billion into the country.


The company is in a fierce battle with Flipkart, now owned by Walmart, to dominate India’s online retail market. The market will be worth around $200 billion by 2027.


However, the broader retail market is worth more than $670 billion according to estimations.


More than 550,000 sellers use Amazon’s India marketplace. Meanwhile, more than 60,000 Indian manufacturers and brands also export products to customers worldwide using the platform.


Unemployment still increased in India, rising to its highest levels in decades in 2019. Therefore the promise of new jobs is very timely for the economy.


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