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All You Need To Know About Twitter’s New Policy On Adult Content

Twitter reactions over the new policy regarding adult content on the service have reached a boiling point. With the clampdown on p*rnographic materials by other social media services, many took refuge on the only microblogging platform that still allowed it.


However, it looks like by January 2020, this is about to change. In November, Twitter released a statement that will guide the appearance of “sensitive materials”.


See some of the reactions below, some even threatened to leave the service:





Because clearly, not many have read the full document, we offer a brief summary.


The main rationale behind this new policy is to protect people who don’t want to be exposed to some kinds of content. Meanwhile, the company does not want to stifle freedom of expression at the same time. Thus, the team seeks to strike a balance.


It stated:


“You may not post media that is excessively gory or share violent or adult content within live [sic] video or in profile or header images. Media depicting s*xual violence and/or assault is also not permitted.”


The above is because, many come across live videos, profiles, and header images without looking for them. Those who want to post these kinds of content will have to “mark their account as sensitive”.


Thus, the platform automatically places a warning message before the post can be seen. Therefore, anyone that affirms the warning can see the content by consent.

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Twitter categorises sensitive contents as graphic violence, adult content, violent s*xual conduct, gratuitous gore, and hateful imagery. However, graphic violence can be posted if it is for documentary or educational purposes.


It also allows adult content if they are artistic, medical, health, or educational content.


The document explicitly stated that:


“if your account is dedicated to posting this type of content, your account will be immediately permanently suspended.”


Anyone can report accounts that disobey the rules and it will suspend the account immediately. However, users can submit appeals if the suspension is done out of error. But Twitter will automatically mark reported accounts as posting sensitive materials.


Sensitive contents can exist only within the boundaries below:


“You can share graphic violence and consensually produced adult content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive. We may also allow limited sharing of hateful imagery,


provided that it is not used to promote a terrorist or violent extremist group, that you mark this content as sensitive and don’t target it at an individual (via mentioning someone or including an identifiable individual within such images).”


Click here to see the full document and links on how to perform some of the activities described in this article.


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