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What If That S*x Tape Leaks? Twitter Reacts To Babcock Students Video

A leaked s*x tape of students went viral earlier today. The viral video of Babcock University students having s*x is trending on the internet. Reports reveal that both students made the video in the University’s clinic.


Given Babcock University’s policies, both will likely face the risk of being expelled from the university for having s*x while on the school campus.


Twitter users are currently tweeting about the story and their reactions will amaze you.


See Twitter reactions below:


So we are asking what

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Ex-Big Brother Africa housemate Pokello Nare has also been a victim of a leaked s*x tape.

In 2011, a  two-minute clip of her with an ex-boyfriend, Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme, having unprotected s*x went viral on social media networks.


In May 2019, Pokello was one of the guest speakers at the University of Zimbabwe during an official launch of ”She Roars” Brand, a programme meant to empower young women.


What If That S*x Tape Leaks?-Twitter Reactions From Video of Babcock Students
Pokello Nare

At the event, she revealed that her leaked s*x tape eight years ago was the worst experience in her life.

She said:

“That was actually a mistake, It leaked; it was not for public viewing or public consumption. It wasn’t that good, it was not worth the kind of attention it got now and then”

Pokello took time to warn the female students on the dangers of sharing s*x tapes.

“I also want young girls to learn from my mistakes, it was a mistake, it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t responsible on how it got out,” she said.

There you have it, real-life experience from Pokello Nare, who was able to get come out of the stigma that came with having a leaked s*x tape.


So if you plan to make one out of a desire to be adventurous, building a bond or just for the experience, be aware that there are consequences if the world sees it.



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