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12 Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Looking for fun things to do with your girlfriend this weekend? After the stress of the week, you want to enjoy the weekend resting or doing some crazy stuff with the one that warms your heart. You’re probably thinking of fun things you can do with your girlfriend to make her weekend memorable. Well, Plat4om has got you covered. 😉


Here are some of the fun things you can do with your girlfriend this weekend:


1. Get a couples massage


What will be more erotic and appealing to do with your girlfriend this weekend? Imagine both of you lying side by side, receiving and enjoying the pleasure of a massage while looking into each other’s eyes. Sounds fun right? If full-body massages don’t appeal to you, you could try a soothing foot massage.


2. Create a couple’s scrapbook


It would be fun to create a couple’s scrapbook this weekend. I mean, imagine the both of you in the house with a couple of cardboards and markers documenting the best times y’all have had, writing stuff you like about each other. Of course, she will be petty enough to paint you with a marker while at it. Who knows what could happen next?


3. Have a picnic


Having a picnic this weekend can be a fun way to spend time with your girl. It’s something small but very thoughtful, sure to put a smile on her face. Find that perfect spot, with a bit of shade so Nigerian sun doesn’t ruin your date and with a nice amount of breeze. Make out interesting topics you guys can talk about while you eat the delicious snack or pancakes you packaged.


4. Go skinny dipping


Most people find the adrenaline of getting caught a fun way to spend their day. How about going skinny dipping at a private pool, or well public if you like, with your girlfriend.


5. Play video games


If your girlfriend is a gamer, then this is definitely a fun thing for both of you to do. Get your play station or Xbox and pads ready. Pick a game you both enjoy and watch her try to beat you. You never know, she could be better than you in that game.


6. Go beer or wine tasting


Take you girl beer tasting or wine tasting. Try out different types of wine and beers. It’ll definitely be fun checking out which wine makes more sense and finding out what soothes each other’s taste buds.


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7. Go for a karaoke show


It doesn’t really matter whether either of you can or not. Find a karaoke spot for both of you to sing your favourite songs. What can beat watching the love of your life sing heartfully to you with words that can melt the heart?


8. Go bowling


Take your girl bowling this weekend and watch her get all excited trying to get the ball to knock down all the targets.


9. Make love in different locations


After a stressful week of probably not seeing each other or not having time for each other, won’t it be fun to make love with your partner in so many locations to show how much you missed them? on the couch, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bed, and any other place you can think of. You can eat dinner after dinner on the dining table.


10. Watch a film


Imagine watching a movie, with lights off, AC and fan turned on, everywhere cool and comfortable. Your girl all cuddled up in your arms under a blanket, or not. Tell us where you’ll rather be when you can do this with bae.


11. Play card games


How about playing hold on, pick 2, last card, check-up while listening to Tiwa Savage’s attention?


12. Take her shopping


Take her shopping, especially when she doesn’t expect you to. When you see her look at something you think she likes, buy it for her. Watch her get all excited testing clothes and shoes at the store.


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    January 11, 2020

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