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Seven Best Relationship Tips Anyone Could Ever Give

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Every day, the internet feeds us with one relationship tip or the other. Most of these tips are from experts, while others are born from personal experiences. We decided to contact our community of Plat4omers on social media to find out what they had to say. We realise that a lot of people have a lot to say where a relationship is concerned.


Take a look at what some members of our Plat4om community had to say.


Seven best relationship tips anyone could ever give



1. “Solve an issue with your partner” – @shanitozed

Learn to solve an issue with your partner alone rather than talking to your friends about it. Also, you can talk to a much matured and older person for advice.


2. “Be real” – @th3pinkdaily

When getting into a relationship, you have to be ready to shed all pretence. Don’t hide your true self from him, both emotionally and physically. There are many ladies who try to be the perfect person just so they can get a ring on their finger. The mistake is that when you start like this and fail to be consistent, it could end up ruining your relationship before it even gets serious. Even if you end up married, starting out on a wrong note could be a cause for a divorce. So, rather than go through all that stress, just ‘be real’.


3. “Be willing to accommodate all weaknesses” – @aduralekeable

Settle for someone whose weaknesses, flaws, inadequacies and insecurities you can (and are willing to) accommodate. 😍


4. “Be patient with your partner.” – @chiomauzoma2010

No one is perfect and neither are you, so why expect perfection from your partner? He or she might not have what you want in terms of finances or physical presence. Nevertheless, you should be patient enough to wait through the hard times. A lot of strong relationships today have been built on many challenges that have withstood times and trials because of ‘patience’.


5. “Be true to yourself.” – @funmijean

“Be true to yourself. You gotta love yourself before you can love someone else,” Funmi says.


6. “Effective communication is key.” – @chidirim

This is key in any relationship, even one with your friends. So why lack communication in a relationship with your partner? You should be willing to share and talk things out even when you’re not in the mood. There are more ways to communicate than with words.


7. “Sincerity” – @adaobi_jullycool

Honesty is the best policy, they always say. You should be honest with your partner because this builds trust. When trust is broken in a relationship, then it’s all downhill from there.

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