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YouTube Bans Conspiracy Theory Videos Linking 5G To Coronavirus

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YouTube has decided to ban any conspiracy theory video that links coronavirus to the advent of 5G networks. Despite having no scientific claims, conspiracy theorists have gained popularity in recent weeks with even celebrities helping to spread the claims.


The video streaming service will now delete any videos violating the policy. Previously, it would only limit the frequency of recommending them in the Up Next section.


This move came after a live-streamed interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke on 7th March 2020. Mr Icke in the live video session had linked the technology to the COVID-19 pandemic. YouTube says that it would delete the video.


When he was asked for his reaction to the reports of 5G towers being set on fire in the UK, Mr Icke responded:


“If 5G continues and reaches where they want to take it, human life as we know it is over… so people have to make a decision.”


This comment incited several viewers into subsequently calling for further attacks on 5G towers in the comments section of the feed. Over 65,000 people saw the video and for most of his show did not challenge his view.


Mr Icke also claimed that a coronavirus vaccine will have “nanotechnology microchips” that would be employed in controlling humans.


He also accuses Bill Gates, who is helping fund COVID-19 vaccine research, of helping the cause and called for his imprisonment.

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5G conspiracy theories
David Icke. Photo: Wikimedia.


After the live stream, the BBC called on YouYube to remove the video from its site.

YouTube to prevent repeat offenders from using its live tool

A YouTube spokesperson responded, saying:


“We have clear policies that prohibit videos promoting medically unsubstantiated methods to prevent the coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment, and we quickly remove videos violating these policies when flagged to us.


“Now any content that disputes the existence or transmission of COVID-19, as described by the WHO [World Health Organization] and local health authorities is in violation of YouTube policies.


“This includes conspiracy theories which claim that the symptoms are caused by 5G. For borderline content that could misinform users in harmful ways, we reduce recommendations. We’ll continue to evaluate the impact of these videos on communities around the world.” 


YouTube says users who repeatedly break the rules might now be prevented from using YouTube’s Live tool. It may also prevent repeat offenders from earning money and would terminate the channel as a last resort.


As for the video, YouTube is allowing the interview’s host to keep earnings generated from the Super Chats tool while the video was online. It is, however, giving its own share of the earnings to charity. The channel is also now under review.


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