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Find Out How You Can Retrieve Money Stolen By Internet Fraudsters

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Internet fraudsters have been very much active for many years. It wasn’t until recently that an attempt has been made to curb the menace in the bud. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) also made more evident approaches in recent times. One of the cases is the arrest of alleged Internet fraudsters, also known as Yahoo Yahoo, in Ibadan.



Also read: EFCC apprehends 32 suspected Yahoo boys in Abeokuta.


They have also apprehended other suspects from different parts of the country. It wasn’t until recently that the Commission got more accolades on the matter. This occurred after the arrest of Nigerian up and rising artistes Naira Marley and Zlatan.


Zlatan got released on administrative bail. However, Naira Marley still remains in their custody. While many are aware of the Internet fraud menace, many opine that there are other matters to consider. One of these is how victims can retrieve their lost money.


A man shared on Twitter, ‘how you can retrieve your money if you get scammed’.



According to him, banks now have a fraud desk where victims can lay such complaints as mandated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.


What to do when you lose your money to fraudsters


1. You can get your money back from online fraudsters (if you can follow through). CBN has now mandated all banks to open a fraud desk to handle cases. The bank will investigate, prosecute and reverse such dubious transactions even though the scammer has withdrawn the money.


2. Say you use UBA and you paid money into your Instagram seller’s (or scammer’s) Zenith account, you can simply send a mail to Make sure you copy the CBN at Doing this puts the banks on their toes.


3. The banks should block such a suspicious account IMMEDIATELY they receive a complaint via the fraud desk. They can receive customer’s STOP-TRANSACTION complaints to block their own account.


The man, who goes by the name Morris Monye, also revealed that you can reach out to CBN for more information.


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