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Xbox Game Bar Update Now Allows You Track What’s Using Up Your RAM

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Microsoft is updating the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 allowing users to track what apps are using up RAM, CPU, GPU, and disk resources. Although there are overlays and apps that provide this function on PCs, the difference is that the Xbox Game Bar is built into Windows 10, making it run smoother and taking less space itself.


You can monitor tasks by pinning the widget to your desktop or closing off apps without tabbing out or leaving a game. The widget keeps tabs of the top tasks and their impact on the PC with low, medium, or high ratings.

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There’s also a different widget for resources and performance. The resources widget allows you keep an eye on overall system utilization. However, with the performance widget, you can monitor GPU utilization and GPU memory usage.


Microsoft is also making it easier to know if your PC can support DirectX 12 Ultimate. A new section in the settings of Xbox Game Bar allows you easily check. DirectX12 Ultimate was designed to unify graphics tech for PC gaming and the Xbox Series X. It supports ray tracing, Variable Rate Shading, mesh shaders, and sampler feedback. You can get the updated Xbox Game Bar by checking for updates in the Microsoft Store app.


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