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Wizkid's Baby Mama Accuses Him of Domestic Abuse

Wizkid’s Baby Mama Accuses Him Of Domestic Violence

Starboy Wizkid is in the news again over baby mama drama and this time over domestic violence.


Wizkid’s third baby mama recently accused him of domestic violence and abuse. Jada Pollock announced this morning that she is done with him, relationship and otherwise. She revealed via her Instagram story that she had been in an abusive relationship with Wizkid for years.


Jada, manager and third baby mama of Afropop star Wizkid, claims that she had tried to keep the evidence of the abuse away from the public eye. She alleges that the music star had left her with bruises that she covered up to protect his image. Jada had previously been defensive of Wizkid when he had drama with his other baby mamas. But now the tables have turned. Jada stated the well-being of her son as the reason she decided to come forward with her story and end things with Wizkid.


In an Instagram story that has since been taken down, Jada wrote,

“From today I and Ayo no longer work together. I’ve been in an abusive relationship with him for years covering for him time and time again. And I’m tired. Wiz continuously puts his hand on me, leaves me with bruises that I cover up from the world including my family and friends.


“It often feels like we are war in the same house. I have done all I can do to keep this all together but from today I let go. You can support someone as much as you can but at some point, you have to value yourself. I can’t raise my son in this kind of environment.”


Wizkid is yet to comment on the issue. Having gained notoriety for being an absent father, Wizkid has not confirmed that he is indeed also an abusive partner.


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