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Instagram Anti-Bullying

Instagram’s New Feature Will Let Users Ban Bullies

Instagram now uses a new Artificial Intelligence feature to tackle online bullying. Users can now flag comments and restrict accounts from publicly commenting on their posts.


In essence, an Instagram user can now restrict or shadow ban another user from their account. This means that the restricted user’s comment will only be visible to themselves. It will also Instagram user’s activity and their presence in the direct message.


Instagram also introduced a new feature that uses AI to flag comments that are offensive. It also goes as far as asking the person about to post the comment if they really want to go ahead.


The AI will also ask some users at some point to reflect and undo certain comments. It seems like a form of admonishment to give people posting offensive comments a chance at repentance.


Instagram Anti-Bullying


In the past, Instagram tested several bullying features. It had an offensive comment filter that screens bullying comments. Furthermore, it flags some comments that attack a person’s character or health.


It also introduced the feature for photos and captions. You will realize that some photos are blurred as having sensitive content and users are warned about it.


Bullying victims also have the liberty of reporting perpetrators. However, it does take time before proper actions are taken. The company, however, expects these new features to bring a more immediate solution to the issues of bullying.

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