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What Is New With Microsoft Teams As It Celebrates Third Anniversary

This week, Microsoft Teams marks its third year anniversary of existence, see some new features it is launching. According to a tweet from Microsoft 365 handle, Teams’ 44 million users have used around 900 million meeting minutes every day this week.



In a blog post dated 19th March 2020, Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365 recognised the adjustment the corporate world is making in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also shared stories of many customers who are using Microsoft Teams as a substitute for being physically present.


These stories cover fields in education, health and the corporate world. Spataro also noted that the efforts the company is making will be valuable even after this historic period. He wrote:


“It’s very clear that enabling remote work is more important than ever, and that it will continue to have lasting value beyond the COVID-19 outbreak.”

What’s new in Microsoft Teams?

Spataro announced some new capabilities on Microsoft Teams. These, he explains, will reflect their commitment to two things: building the very best online meeting experience for our customers; and bringing technological solutions to traditionally underserved professionals.


Below are some of the highlights of the post:

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— Real-time noise suppression which helps to minimize distracting background noise, allowing participants to hear what’s being said.


— The raise hand feature that lets anyone in the meeting send a visual signal that they have something to say. This will reduce disorganisation when everyone wants to talk at the same time.


— Through a new integration between Teams and RealWear head-mounted devices; Firstline Workers will be able to access information and communicate hands-free with remote experts from their job site. This keeps them safe without closing communication channels.


— The Bookings app in Teams makes it easy to schedule, manage, and conduct virtual appointments.


— Teams will soon enable you to pop out chats into a separate window to help you streamline your workflow. It will also allow you to move more easily between ongoing conversations.


— Offline and low-bandwidth support let you read chat messages and write responses. This is possible, even without an internet connection, making it easier for you to move things forward no matter where you are.


— It introduced Microsoft 365 Business Voice in the US. This new feature is for small and mid-sized businesses that make Teams a complete phone system. There is also a new Microsoft 365 Enterprise plan lineup that will include additional licensing options for Firstline Workers.


These features will surely improve productivity and encourage many more to work from home.


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