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Watch The Trailer For Imoh Umoren’s “The Herbert Macaulay Affair”

Acclaimed Nigerian indie filmmaker and Twitter’s favourite cousin, Imoh Umoren, has dropped the trailer for his upcoming historical film, “The Herbert Macaulay Affair”. Over seventy years after his death, the father of Nigerian nationalism is finally getting a biopic!


Olayinka Herbert Samuel Heelas Badmus Macaulay was a Nigerian nationalist, politician, surveyor, engineer, architect, journalist, and musician. Many Nigerians sill regard the roguish gentleman as the founder of Nigerian nationalism.


herbert macaulay


Set between 1898 and the 1920s, this film is an account of the life of the Nigerian revolutionary, Herbert Macaulay. Umoren describes the film as “the story of young Herbert who returned from studying overseas to sow the seeds for the revolution that would eventually lead to our independence.”


According to Umoren, “The Herbert Macaulay Affair” dives into his personal life; his love for Caroline Pratt, his family, and the people. We get to see different sides of Herbert, the lover and revolutionary.


the herbert macaulay affair
Photo: Imoh Umoren/Twitter


William Benson dons Macaulay’s iconic moustache for this role. Also, the film stars Kelechi Udegbe, Wale Macaulay, and Saidi Balogun.


The film was produced and directed by Imoh Umoren. Umoren said many did not believe a Nigerian director could pull it off. However, speaking to an entertainment blog, he expressed his hopes for the film.


imoh umoren macaulay
Photo: Africa Magic


“I hope this film also encourages us to speak out against oppression and corruption… And also to remind us of our heritage as a people,” he said. Hopefully, more filmmakers like Imoh Umoren will emerge and attempt to fill up the gaping holes in our history.


Meanwhile, “The Herbert Macaulay Affair” will hit theatres nationwide on 25th October 2019.


Watch the trailer below:


This trailer is an interesting build-up to the release of the film, and we cannot wait to see it and also review it for you. Stay on Plat4om for updates.


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