You are currently viewing Google is linking its platforms to make it easier to follow 2022 FIFA World Cup

Google is linking its platforms to make it easier to follow 2022 FIFA World Cup

— Google is working on new features that lets you follow and watch 2022 FIFA World Cup matches on your phone.
— Users also enjoy World Cup-related games at the time and business owners gets marketing boosts.

Google is working on new cross-platform support features to make it easier for football lovers to follow the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The company is offering daily highlights videos from TV networks, notifications, a section on Google TV and a multiplayer game, TechCrunch surmised.

Searching phrases like “FIFA World Cup” or “World Cup” will take you to the latest scores page and you can choose to get special notifications by tapping on the bell icon. This feature is already available for club football and you can select which teams you want to keep tabs on.

In addition, you can pin scores to your home screen with the “Pin live score” option in the score tab.

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Google is working with FIFA+, a free soccer app to follow major international tournaments, and broadcasters like beIN Sports, BBC, ZDF and more, to show video recaps of matches as soon as they are over.

Also, the company is launching an interactive feature that lets fans rate players based on how they believe they will perform in the tournament and they get to compare scores with other players. With the popularity of virtual football manager (like FPL) games, this feature will likely be welcome if it works well. It is also offering a browser-based game where users pick teams and try to score as many goals as possible.

Business owners also get a boost if they show world cup matches as Google will be applying labels to bars and restaurants in Search and Maps saying “Showing the world cup”. This label shows up when users search “Where to watch the world cup near me” and you can apply for it just before the world cup kicks off.

For users with YouTube TV subscriptions, they can watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches on their phones with FOX and FS1.

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