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GitHub is working on allowing programmers code with their voice

— “Hey, GitHub” is a coming feature that lets programmers code with just their voice on GitHub’s Copilot.
— For now, it will not cost anything extra to use the voice tool when it launches.

GitHub is working on a voice interaction feature that lets programmers write code using their voice. The feature would work with the Copilot software and the command to prompt it will be “Hey, GitHub.”

As The Verge reports, voice coding will be a gamechanger for lots of people with accessibility issues. The outlet says that GitHub Next team is working on the feature and you can join the waitlist for it here.

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“With the power of your voice, we’re excited about the potential to bring the benefits of GitHub Copilot to even more developers, including developers who have difficulty typing using their hands,” the Microsoft-owned company said in its blog post. “Hey, GitHub!’ only reduces the need for a keyboard when coding within VS Code for now, but we hope to expand its capabilities through further research and testing.”

The feature will let users direct the Copilot tool to complete tasks like moving from one line of code to the other. Also, it will help summarize codes, run programs and so on.

The “Hey, GitHub” feature will not cost anything extra as it is bundled with the $10/month subscription paid for access to Copilot. Although, in the future, there is nothing stopping the company from making it a standalone product if it eventually works out and get improvements.

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