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Oculus founder creates a VR headset that kills you if you die in the game

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, has created a VR Headset that really kills the wearer if they die in the game. In a blog post, the inventor explained that his idea was based on Sword Art Online.

“The idea of tying your real life to your virtual avatar has always fascinated me – you instantly raise the stakes to the maximum level and force people to fundamentally rethink how they interact with the virtual world and the players inside it,” Luckey wrote. “Pumped up graphics might make a game look more real, but only the threat of serious consequences can make a game feel real to you and every other person in the game.”

He said that his team has only been able to design the headset that can kill players but not the game itself to go with it. Similar to NerveGear, the virtual reality head-mounted-display in Sword Art Online, Luckey’s invention can also take lives, but not in the same way.

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Luckey claims that the original NerveGear is able to emit microwaves high enough to be fatal, but the creator hid this detail from employees, regulators, and contract manufacturing partners. However, he could not recreate the same fatal wave emitter in his own design, so he settled for three explosive charge modules.

The explosives will work with a narrow-band photosensor that can detect the appropriate game-over screen flashes and detonate, destroying the brain of the user.

Luckey further explained that the headset would come with anti-tamper safeguards to prevent player from removing or destroying the headset. Is he ready to go to market yet? No, the innovator said that the game itself is not ready and the headset is still just a piece of office art.

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