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Twitter is looking to rehire employees it laid off

Twitter is allegedly looking to rehire some of the employees it laid off because they believe they can still ‘help’ the company. It is just over a week of Elon Musk officially taking over affairs at the social media company and the drama is unfolding already.

Tech journalist Casey Newton said that multiple sources revealed that Twitter is asking the fired employees to come back. He also shared a message from the company’s Slack channel, which sounded urgent.

“Sorry to @- everybody on the weekend but I wanted to pass along that we have the opportunity to ask folks that were left off if they will come back. I need to put together names and rationales by 4PM PST Sunday,” the message read. “I’ll do some research but if any of you who have been in contact with folks who might come back and who we think will help us, please nominate tomorrow before 4, I think we might use some android and iOS help.”

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It is not clear if the message is from Elon Musk himself or one of the executives at the company.

Many commenters believe that the lay offs had been hasty and as a result, several key people at the company were cut out, making it difficult to keep up. Meanwhile, others believe that 50% of the staff leaving meant that the company would have to automate several processes that require a human factor.

Jaana Dogan, an engineer at GitHub, claimed that the recalls may be due to some employees, who survived the lay off, resigning due to operational burden.

“I’m hearing from multiple personal sources that key engineers who survived the layoffs are resigning. These key engineers are mostly old timers and probably have a lot of financial freedom to do whatever they desire to do,” Dogan said.

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