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US Extends Huawei’s Temporary General License By 45 Days Again

It is looking like a love-hate relationship between the US and Huawei as the government extends the Chinese phone makers’ license by 45 days. The authorities claim this is more for the country’s benefit than for the company’s.


In the latest development, the Donald Trump administration has given Huawei 45 more days to pack out of the country. These extensions have been ongoing since May 2019 when the trade ban had been placed on the phone giants.


While the main allegations against the company have been espionage for the Chinese government on US soil, Huawei has denied it. With the back and forth between the giants, Huawei currently bears the most brunt.


In a press release, the US Commerce Department said:


“The license is being extended to prevent interruption of existing network communication systems in rural U.S. regions and permit global network security measures. The 45-day extension is necessary to allow existing telecommunication providers — particularly those in rural US communities — the ability to continue to temporarily and securely operate existing networks while they identify alternatives to Huawei for future operation.”

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This recent extension means that Huawei will not have to worry again until 31st March 2020. One major fallout is that the phone maker will not be able to sell in US markets. It also put its 5G business in Europe in a dicey situation.


While the company recorded good sales in 2019, it admitted that it will likely face more challenging times in 2020.


On a larger scale, things are not looking good for Huawei in the world in general. In a recent story, researchers found that some smartphone hardware allegedly from HiSilicon contained a backdoor. While the firm denied this and cleared their name, it also puts them more in a shady light.


Also, the Chinese government was implicated in a court ruling when four of its military personnel were fingered in the Equifax hack scandal. The government denied involvement as well. This case is still ongoing.


With more and more controversies surrounding Huawei in the United States, many think it is just a matter of time before a full-blown problem. However, Huawei still survives for now.


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