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Huawei Calls For Tech Blogs To Correct ‘False Accusation’ Against Them

In a Tweet on 11th February 2020, Huawei has directed ZDNet and The Register to correct implicating reports against it. The Chinese company further denied the accusations leveled against it.


Huawei said:



According to ZDNet, a Russian security researcher Vladislav Yarmak had published details about a backdoor mechanism he discovered in Xiongmai firmware on 4th February 2020. Millions of smart devices across the globe use the features that include security cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and others.


The full details of Yarmak’s report can be found on Habr. These bugs had been discovered first in 2017 and allegedly remained unresolved. By sending a series of commands over TCP port 9530 to devices using HiSilicon chips and Xiongmai firmware, hackers can exploit the weakness.

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Huawei who owns HiSilicon had come out few days later to clear the air regarding these vulnerabilities. In the Tweet, the Chinese firm posted:



It had added a link to check out its security notice as well. Thereafter, Huawei further exonerated its subsidiary, HiSilicon in a subsequent Tweet. It published an updated research work:



This issue places Huawei in a delicate position as it has faced United States opposition because the American government distrusts it. Thus, if this allegation turns out to be credible, Huawei may face further persecution in other markets besides in the US.


However, The Register had corrected its earlier report. It made clear that Xiongmai provided the vulnerable firmware shipped them with its devices. It further added that Xiongmai’s products used a chipset provided by Huawei’s HiSilicon subsidiary.


ZDNet also published an update that is similar to the one above.


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