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Twitter Will Now Preserve The Quality Of Images Uploaded On Its Site

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Twitter has announced that it will now preserve the quality of JPEGs as they are encoded for upload on Twitter for Web.


In the announcement by Twitter engineer Nolan O’Brien, the social networking site will henceforth preserve the JPEG encoding for pictures put up on the site via Twitter for web. This is as opposed to transcoding them which results in a degradation in quality that can be frustrating for photo pros and enthusiasts.


See the Tweet here:



This really means that Twitter will allow you to upload from 8 megapixels photos up to 16 megapixels without a reduction in quality.


The microblogging site, however, says that previewed images will lose some quality to save size and download latency.

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Twitter is also planning to bring similar changes to images in profile photos and others next year. Although this improvement will sustain the quality of the pictures, Twitter will still remove the metadata of the photos as usual.


Twitter will still str*p EXIF data, that is, data that provides more information about the picture, including when, how and, potentially, where it was shot.

Conditions To Retaining Photo Quality In Twitter For Web

There are some conditions to be met, however, to get Twitter to keep your photo quality intact. See them below:

  • The resolution shouldn’t be more than 4096 pixels on any side.
  • The size of the image shouldn’t be more than 5MB.
  • The orientation should be rigid instead of ‘rotate’.

This move will be very much appreciated by photographers and photo enthusiasts sharing their work on the platform.


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