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Twitter Users Call Out Kiki Mordi On International Women’s Day

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Today is International Women’s Day, and Twitter users are throwing shades at Nigeria’s “s*x for grades” journalist Kiki Mordi.


This is because of her tweet calling on people to boycott Wema Bank for their International Women’s Day message where they allegedly blame women for male patriarchy. So, if you are wondering why Kiki Mordi and Wema Bank are trending on Twitter, here’s why.


Wema Bank in their normal culture sent a mail to its numerous customers to mark International Women’s Day. But unlike the usual message praising women for their strength and potentials, they took it from an unexpected angle.


In their message, they showed empathy for the struggles a career woman doing an 8-5 goes through while striving to be equal with her male counterpart.


However, the last part of the message broke the camel’s back. The message ended stating that it is the same women that “raise patriarchal sons, the bosses who make it difficult for female subordinates, and the friend who won’t speak up when male friends do wrong“.


Kiki Mordi. Photo: AccelerateTV.


While Twitter users were confused at this mail; whether it was praising women or throwing shade at them, Kiki Mordi was quick to react.

See her tweet below:


This tweet did not go down well with Twitter users who called Kiki Mordi a failed journalist, stating that she always goes overboard with her tweets. They accused her of seeing the Wema’s bank message as gender insensitive, when she is supposed to be an unbiased umpire.

See some of their reactions below:

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Early October 2019, Nigerians and Africa came to know the Journalist, Kiki Mordi, after the young woman exposed the “S*x for grade” tradition prevalent in tertiary universities.


Kiki Mordi who worked as an undercover with BBC Africa, exposed two male lecturers, One from University of Lagos and another in the University of Ghana.


Kiki has since been a prominent voice on Twitter, tweeting on issues relating to feminism and same s*x marriages. Most of the time, some Twitter users always disapproved of her tweets.


So did Kiki go too far by telling people to boycott Wema Bank over their message or was the Wema Bank message gender insensitive?


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