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Twitter Offers More Control As It Rolls Out Limited Replies To All Users

Twitter has finally made its limited replies feature available to all users. The company’s director of product management, Suzanne Xie, announced the feature in a blog post published on 11th August 2020.


Xie says that the feature will help give people more control over their conversations on the platform.


“Sometimes people are more comfortable talking about what’s happening when they can choose who can reply,” Xie said in the post.


She also noted that Twitter users are now able to use the settings to have conversations that weren’t previously possible. “Starting today, everyone will be able to use these settings so unwanted replies don’t get in the way of meaningful conversations,” Xie adds.


Twitter had been experimenting with the limited replies feature since May 2020. What many thought was a full rollout on an update of its iPhone app turned out to be a false alarm. The company says it pushed out the release notes for the feature by mistake.

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According to Twitter, 60 per cent of people who used the settings didn’t use the platform’s mute or block options during the test period.


Xie notes that the company’s research shows that users with access to the limited replies felt more comfortable tweeting and more protected from spam and abuse. Using the feature also didn’t lead to an increase in unwanted direct messages.


Before sending a tweet, users will have three options to choose who can reply. The options include; everyone, which is the standard default setting, only people the users follow, and only people mentioned in the tweet.


For the other options apart from the default setting, the reply icon will be inaccessible to anyone ineligible to reply. However, the feature does not stop them from retweeting, commenting, sharing, or liking that particular tweet.


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