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Tinder’s New Block Contact Feature

Tinder released a new update In order to improve privacy for its mobile apps, a contact block feature. Which Improves data security. Despite the global pandemic, A lot of people have turned to social media for ways to communicate and meet new people.

To find love, causal friendship, or to just hang out. After been indoors for months, tinder users have been able to meet each other virtually and in cases where it permits physically.

tinder block contacts


The Red hot site released a new update for its mobile apps, a contact block feature. Users can upload the mobile numbers of people they do not wish to see on the app. It could be an annoying Ex, Co-workers, or family members.

Dating apps have seen a huge increase despite the pandemic, and as Vaccines become readily available. The dating site is preparing a slew of updates as lovers step outside more post-pandemic.

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Stalkers online and offline have been a serious threat to privacy, this update hopes to solve that. The update gives users the option to block them, Tinder asks for permission to go through the user’s entire contacts list.

The company’s Group Product Manager, Bernadette Morgan in a statement said “We’re rolling out Block Contacts as an additional resource empowering members with peace of mind by helping create a worry-free space for them to spark new connections,”.

This “Block Contacts Feature” has been tested in Korea, India, and Japan. To activate this on your phone, go to settings within your profile, select “Block Contacts”, then grant the app permission.



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