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Five Types Of Relationship You Should Consider Quitting Soon

If you are in a relationship, it is high time you examine the situation of things with your partner. Maybe you have planned to take things to the next level before the year ends and shocked that you haven’t even kicked off preparations with each new month that rolls in.

Maybe you are in a troubled relationship and presently thinking “How did I get here”. A part of you wants things to get better, yet there is the thought that keeps asking “Is this relationship even worth it”

Well if you belong to these categories of persons, below are five types of relationships you should consider quitting soon.

1. Relationship that wreaks havoc on your mental health

Your mental health should be very important to you. Do you feel stressed or drained by your partner? Do their words always make you feel defeated or inadequate? Are they appreciative of what you bring to the table?. Any relationship that takes away your peace of mind is not worth the trouble. So ask yourself if you’re really happy and if the relationship is worth it.

2. Relationship where your partner is emotionally unavailable

Five Types Of Relationship You Should Consider Quitting Soon

It is never enough to say you are in a relationship, the question is “are you your bae’s bae?. Does your partner meet your emotional needs?. Do they make you feel wanted?. Are they excited to have you in their life?. Do they hold back when it comes to assuring and reassuring you of your place in their life?.  Does it seem like you are begging for their time and emotions? Maybe you have to ask yourself how long you will beg them to stay in your life. If you have to beg for love, then it is not love in the first place. Let it go.

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3. A relationship characterised by cheating and trust issues

Five Types Of Relationship You Should Consider Quitting Soon

Some people believe that every relationship has its pitfalls and challenges. There are people who can forgive a cheating partner while for others, it’s a major deal-breaker. If your partner keeps cheating and keeps begging for forgiveness then you should re-evaluate such a relationship. How long will this cycle of cheating and mistrust continue?. Do you have the strength to keep being suspicious of their actions, or you feel it’s high time you moved on?

4. A relationship devoid of support

Five Types Of Relationship You Should Consider Quitting Soon

If your partner isn’t in your corner or cheering you up then there is a problem. Does he or she celebrate your small and big wins or are just minding their business?. If you cannot remember any scenario where your partner came through for you when you were in dire need of help, then you should consider leaving such a relationship.

5. A relationship without direction

If you been seeing someone for more than a year and they still haven’t spoken out about what they want out of the relationship, then you should reconsider their place in your life. It is fine if you both are just taking time to know yourselves but if you want more and have voiced it out, yet your partner is still taking their, then you should read the handwriting on the wall and move on

So put on your thinking cap because now is the time to evaluate yourself and your partner.

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