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Throwback To When We Had Love Letters And Chocolate For Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is a few days away, and lovers are already planning on how to spoil each other silly on that special day.


Already, couples are making dinner reservations to ensure they put a smile on each other’s faces. Also, some have booked their flight ticket for a weekend gateway as Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, and a weekend getaway will simply be perfect.


But before the razzmatazz modern-day Valentine, the dinner, the surprise dates and roses, here in Nigeria, do you remember what this day was like years ago? We do! There were love letters and chocolate.


The love letter was the perfect way to woo a lady. The gentleman would usually wait until Valentine’s Day to sneak the letter into her bag or anywhere she would easily see it.




This letter would convey his feelings and how he felt for this special woman, promising her how he would love her for life. This love letter craze was rampant right from the secondary school level. However, if the couple is unlucky and it gets to the hands of the school authorities, both the sender and the receiver will be dealt with.


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Those days were beautiful, and young men did not have to rely on money to woo any woman; all they needed was a pen, paper and genuine intentions.


So this Valentine, why not surprise your special one with a love letter. Just put those beautiful thoughts in words, and express how you feel about them.


As a young child or teenager, do you remember writing or receiving love letters?


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