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Follow These Simple Steps To Find Love Before Valentine’s Day

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We are in February, and Valentine’s Day is just a week away. However, a lot of people are already feeling despaired as they are not in a relationship.


A lot of people will not want to be left out of all the lovey-dovey that comes with that special day, so it is the time to “find a boyfriend or girlfriend”.



If you have decided to find love before Valentine, follow these simple steps below.


1. Don’t pressure yourself


Love should never be forced, so don’t put yourself under undue pressure to find love this month. You don’t want to fall for the wrong person because you don’t want to be lonely on 14th February. Valentine’s Day is just one day in the whole of the year; you don’t want to compare one day of love to being hurt for the rest of the year.


2. Be open-minded


Sometimes people have a checklist of who they want in a relationship, but oftentimes you can’t have it all in one person. So don’t streamline your self or put yourself in a box. Remember that phrase that says “we find love in the strangest place”. Just open your eyes and mind and, who knows, that person you have been friend-zoning might be the right person.


3. Meet people


This is the time to go out, meet new friends, reply to your chats, and be more friendly. Love does not work with hostility. Smile more and, as you enjoy life, your positive nature will attract a beautiful soul your way.


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4. Work on yourself


You need to ask yourself some questions before starting a new relationship this season. These questions will make you think if you really need to be in a relationship now?


You can talk to a friend or a relationship counsellor to evaluate yourself by asking the following questions below.

  1. Are you putting yourself under pressure to be in a relationship?
  2. What went wrong in your last relationship?
  3. Have you worked on yourself to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes in the future?
  4. Have you healed from the previous hurt?
  5. Life is too beautiful to keep making the same mistakes, so work on yourself and you will be glad you did.


5. Valentine’s Day is just another day


February 14th is just another day in the year, like every other day that will come and go. You may not get flowers or gifts or be invited to dinner, but you have good friends and family by your side. So have fun, take yourself out, and be happy.


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