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These 13 Foods Will Make You Happy

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It’s a hot sunny afternoon. Everything just seems to be going wrong, and all you want to do is feel good. Do you know that food can change your mood from sad to ecstatic?


It’s been scientifically proven that food can make you feel happier and relaxed. It also has the added advantage of having the same effect as anti-depressants.


Here are 13 foods that will not only make you happy but also boost your overall mood.


1. Cake


You definitely now that no matter what you eat, a taste of chocolate cake can make you feel better if you are a lover of cake. Many people turn to cakes after a hard break-up or an emotional breakdown. The sweet taste of cake warms up your taste buds and washes you with a feeling of happiness. This is one meal sure to make you feel happier.


2. Ice-cream


Feeling sad? How about a scoop of ice cream to make you feel better. The sweetness of ice cream has the power to turn your day around. You feel cranky at work? Go get some ice cream. Your boss is stressing you? Some ice cream won’t. If you’re lactose intolerant, you can go for some frozen yoghurt (or froyo).


3. Red wine


A few cocktails may make you feel giddy for the moment, but red wine can help make you happier in the long-term. Drinking the occasional glass of red wine reportedly reduces the risk of depression.


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4. Chicken


When it comes to eating your way to a better mood, chicken is pretty hard to beat. It is a great source of mood-boosting, energising nutrients like vitamin B6, potassium, and zinc. The sweet taste of chicken when you bring them out of the oven or take them off the fire is sure to give you a mouthgasm. Whether you eat chicken as a meal on its own or as a side dish of a meal, you will surely get maximum satisfaction and happiness.


5. Raisins


Raisins are a sure way to feel happy while snacking. Just one itty-bitty box of raisins packs 4% of your daily iron requirement, as well as plenty of magnesium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Don’t you just love raisins?


6. Eggs


Eggs are loaded with mood-boosting omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, B vitamins, and iodine. They keep you full and energised long after you eat them. Now, do you need another reason to crack some shells in the morning?


7. Coconut


Coconuts are fats that fuel better moods. Try using some coconut cream in your coffee or adding some unsweetened flakes to your favourite baked good, or just crack a fresh one open and go to town.


8. Dark Chocolate


Turns out chocolate’s delicious taste isn’t the only reason it makes you feel so warm and fuzzy. The cocoa treat also gives you an instant boost in mood and concentration. Furthermore, it improves blood flow to your brain, helping you feel more vibrant and energised. Cocoa is the chocolate ingredient that does your body good, so pure dark chocolate is your best bet if you want the mood-boosting benefits.


9. Greek Yoghurt


Greek yoghurt is packed with more calcium than you will find in milk or regular yoghurt. This is amazing news for your mood. Calcium can increase feelings of contentment and well-being. Greek yoghurt also contains more protein than regular yoghurt, making it a terrific stay-slim snack.


10. Crab


A little crab on your menu can make you feel a whole lot less crabby in the long run. This seafood is a serious mood-booster. It has 351 milligrams of omega-3s per three-ounce portion. This reduces the painful inflammation that can sap anybody’s happiness.


11. Bananas


Satisfying that sweet tooth doesn’t have to mean a sugar high. Bananas are considered low-glycemic food. This means that they are less likely to trigger an insulin spike than your average sugar-loaded treat. Making it easy for you to have a sweet happy snack without thinking of your insulin getting high.


12. Apples


Ever heard the phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Eating fruits and vegetables, like apples, produces a calming effect, creates more energy, and increases overall happiness. Imagine munching a red juicy apple, happiness overload.


 13. Peas


Whether you like them mushy, whole, stir-fried, or just eaten right out of the freezer, peas are a pretty great way to put happiness back on your menu. It is also a healthy way for you to enjoy snacking without worrying about your health or sugar intake.


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